At dancenergy we pride ourselves on offering many styles of dance so our students can become versatile all rounded dancers and performers.

All classes are fun, professional & engaging while developing each students individual strengths at their own pace.  Our classes cater for all ages and all abilities, whether you are coming to dance just for fun or you are wanting to take a more serious approach and be part of our Eisteddfod groups.  Students are placed in the class level that the teacher feels they will do their best in and improve from their current ability.  

Eisteddfod & Tech classes are by invitation or audition only and are designed for students who want an extra challenge that have shown great work ethic, dedication and commitment to dance.  We encourage a minimum of at least 3 classes per week (not including Eisteddfod classes) to be taken with 90% attendance to represent dancenergy at Eisteddfods.  To participate in an Eisteddfod class the student must also be enrolled in the corresponding style class.  We also require students to show a high standard of classroom attitude, teamwork skills, concentration, maturity and health. 

We also offer private tuition which can be arranged into the timetable on a permanent or casual basis for an eisteddfod solo, exam readiness or technique coaching.  All private tuition must be arranged and authorised by the principal.

We have a no tolerance policy when it comes to bullying or disrespect for other students or teachers.  We strive to have students and parents within the dancenergy family to always be humble, considerate and gracious.  

All classes have teachers that are driven to educate students on musicality, technique and performance quality.



Jazz is a well known style of dance and probably our most popular here at dancenergy.  dancenergy has a unique style that incorporates Funk, Hip Hop and the traditional technical Jazz styles.   These classes are fun and will get your fitness levels up with its high energy movements to pop music.  If Jazz Tech classes are offered students must be participating in a Ballet & KLT class to be eligible. 


Hip Hop is one of the quickest growing loves within our studio. Our focus within our Hip Hop classes is to educate on the foundations and techniques of all genres of street dance.  Although our primary focus is on new school Hip Hop, we also explore vogueing, wakking, old school and new school party grooves, dance hall and popping & locking techniques.  This is ultra fun, sassy and energetic.  If Hip Hop Tech classes are offered in your age group students must be participating in Eisteddfod Hip Hop or a jazz class to be eligible. 


Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and we encourage all students to participate in a ballet class as it teaches so much more than discipline and poise.  We follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus for examination classes which are designed to motivate & reward students for their learning and achievements through each level.  Students that have the desire and dedication to participate in the R.A.D examinations must participate in two examination classes per week.  At least 1 Ballet class per week must be taken if you are part of the dancenergy eisteddfod teams.  If Tech classes are offered in your age group students must be participating in a Ballet exam class on Friday to be eligible for this class or it is at the discretion of the teacher.


We offer both Contemporary & Lyrical styles at dancenergy and also have Modern classes which is a fusion of the two styles.  Modern classes encourage self expression and music interpretation.  Our Modern classes combine a perfect balance of both technical and creative components. We suggest that an Ballet class is taken alongside any Modern classes.  If a Modern Tech class is offered in your age group a Ballet class must be taken to be eligible for a tech class.


Acro is designed for dancers and will follow the Lee Academy syllabus that will help students develop all the skills needed in the dance world in a safe & encouraging class.  This class starts with the basics and students will be taught the correct landing & spine placement techniques along with stretching.  Tumbling classes will be offered as an add on to this acro class once students have reached the required level to progress.  This class will have a minimum number of participants to make it safe for all students so don't miss out.  At this stage the Acro classes will not participate in a concert item but will have a mini class performance in Term 4.


This Theatrical performance class is perfect for any performer and is most importantly fun.  This class combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.  Students will also study a brief history of musicals and will explore improvisation and self confidence games.  We suggest dance experience for this class and suggest students also participate in a Jazz class to compliment this style.  If a Musical Theatre Tech class is offered students must participate in a Jazz class to be eligible. 


Tap is rhythmical & challenging yet fun & rewarding.  This class improves co-ordination and timing as the sounds of tap shoes strike the floor as a form of percussion. Our classes combine an open syllabus and the Glen Wood syllabus. 


This class is designed to improve each students technique where students work towards individual goals and study combinations in the form of kick, leap & turn variations once the basic technique of these elements have been achieved.  This class is encouraged for all students wanting to be considered for the dancenergy Eisteddfod groups.


This class is a must for any committed and competition dancer.  The emphasis of this class is placed on strengthening the core muscles as well as developing flexibility & strength throughout the entire body.


This PBT class is designed to help students understand the depth of muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. This class will improve core stability, weight placement and alignment.  Every student will need a fit ball to participate in this class as the exercises are based around the ball, which is continually mobile under the student’s body.  This gives the students the proprioception for their posture and weight placement whilst feeling each correct muscle group.  This class is highly encouraged to be taken by all Ballet exam students and students MUST do Ballet exam classes to be eligible to enrol in this class.