At dancenergy we are excited to have a specialised program

Just for our Pre School dancers

They may only be young but choosing the right dance school & program is imperative to ensure your preschooler is being taught the correct technique and basics from the start.

By choosing us instead of just a pop up preschool class in a public venue means that they can continue to grow and thrive in the same dance family, at the same location, with the same teachers and classmates, all with the same all round quality.



2 - 5 year olds

This class is designed for girls & boys aged 2-5 years old and has fun and engaging exercises that reflect the developmental & educational milestones of this age bracket. 

It gives students an overall experience of the performing arts, with all genres in the one class.  Students will participate in exercises in Jazz, Music, Singing, Tap & Hip Hop, all with original music tracks.  Classes are filled with fun props like parachutes, bean bags, shakers, microphones, rhythm sticks and magic wands.

It is recommended that parents are not in the classroom during the ready set dance class.  Experience has found that this is very distracting for the students.  Understandably, it may take a few weeks for parents and children to be separated, thats totally normal.

The class aims to develop the three C's,  CO-ORDINATION, CREATIVITY & CONFIDENCE.

petite ballet

3-5 year olds

This class is designed around the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet syllabus to teach students the correct basic ballet techniques.  There will be imagination, fluid movement and maybe even some pixie dust.