We would love to have you join the de family.  


(Kindergarten up to year 12 at School). Preschool students please fill in enrolment form on the preschool tab.

If you would like to enrol with us for 2019, please fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you shortly to confirm your enrolment.  

Dancers Name *
Dancers Name
Dancers Mobile Phone
Dancers Mobile Phone
Are you going to participate in the concert *
I understand that participating in the concert also means that I am responsible to purchase costumes and that a concert fee will apply
Parent/Guardian Mobile Phone
Parent/Guardian Mobile Phone
Home Address *
Home Address
Photography & Social Media *
By agreeing you acknowledge that your child will be in the concert DVD and you give permission for any footage or photos to be used as advertising or marketing material without any further approval
Accounts, Payments & Refunds *
By agreeing you understand that you are responsible to pay all monies owing during year on time & that you may be charged a late payment fee if account is overdue and in certain circumstances may be forwarded to a debt collector agency. I also understand I will be charged an enrolment fee of $35.00 on my first statement.
Tuition Packages
Please advise if you would like to accept one of the unlimited packages. Please make sure you understand what classes are NOT included in these unlimited packages as these will be an extra weekly cost.
I agree to abide by all dancenergy's guidelines *
By agreeing you understand you must contact dancenergy in writing if you decide to either change classes or cancel enrolment. You also understand that you are not able to watch any classes unless invited and that your child will take pride in their appearance and always adhere to our uniform requirements.
Health & Safety *
By agreeing you understand that although dancenergy takes all reasonable care in the conduct and safe dance of its classes that personal injury can occur and dancenergy and its staff will not be held responsible.